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Ask The GURU:

demoIf you have any questions related to dirtbiking, feel free to contact us.

If you're new to the dirtbike community and have a proble with your bike

ask The GURU, he specializes in reparing dirtbikes for

reasonable rates in a timely manner.

Can't hurt to ask The GURU!!

What we do...

  1. Buy used bikes/other peoples projects and turn them into dream dirtbikes for other people.
  2. Service motorcycles (mainly dirtbikes)
    • Refurbishing: Have a bike that has been rotting away for several years, we can rebuild it to make it run better than ever.
    • Rebuilds: Throw a bearing or piston seized. We specialize in all types of rebuilds from bottom ends to fork rebuilds.
    • Upgrades: Need to get your bike ready for race day and don't have spare time, drop off the bike with all the parts and we will perform all the necessary labor in a timely manner so you can be ready to go on the starting line.
  3. Sell Bikes
    • We offer good quality used bikes that are reliable and can run like the dickens.

Why you should use the GURU:

  • If your new to dirtbiking and have no clue where to start when looking for a place to service your bike
  • You simply don't have time to fix your bikes
  • We have helped numerous people fix their current bikes and the customers are beyond satisfied
  • Great prices and superb quality

What the GURU has to offer:

If your bike is in need of repair or you are new to dirtbiking and don't have the needed expertise to complete a repair just contact us and we can get you up and running again in no time at all. Gurantee our prices and quality are much better than any dealership. We are located in Cypress, Texas and can perform any kind of maintenance on a dirtbike. We also will buy your project bike if you don't have the time to deal with Craigslist buyers we offer fair purchase prices. What we are starting to get into is selling great quality used dirtbikes at fair prices so you don't have to drop 8k on a brand new dirtbike. We also have the capabilities to machine a specialized part for your bike, if you got an idea/concept we can make it a prototype. If you have any questions about maintenance or what your bike needs just send us an email.


  • Fork Seal Repair
  • Valve Shimming
  • General Maintenance
  • Top End Rebuild
  • Bottom End Rebuild
  • Carburetor Rebuild
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