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Use this page to get the latest one sided opinions on the Supercross and Motocross. Feel free to comment or send Andy an email.

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Check out today's latest viral pic or flic. Also submit a picture to nic and have a chance to get your dirtbike media on the website!

Nic knows far to much about the internet!

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Check out our latest products and services. We offer innovative billet products and a variety of different mechanical services for your bike.



Go here to chat with your dirtbike community, We have an entire blog of ride locations all over the states, so if you know of a great riding place just post it in the correct category and share with the rest of us!!! Check it out

A community for riders everywhere.

Ask The GURU:

demoIf you have any questions related to dirtbiking, feel free to ask our guru

a question on our forums page. If you're new to the dirtbike community

and need a bike ask The GURU, he specializes in finding dirtbikes for

a rider based on his or her needs.

Can't hurt to ask The GURU!!

Ride Events:

Group Ride Events

demoLive in the Texas area? We try to organize group rides once every 6 weeks or so depending on the weather. So check out our services if this is something you would like to take apart in.

Updated: May 1, 2012

New!!! Exclusive Carb Drain Bolt $20

The new Carb drain bolt works with any 2-Stroke or 4-Stroke and doesn't need any tools to drain the carb. So if you're out in the field and your carb is flooded just do a quick turn and BAM your carb is drained, no tools necessary. PATENT PENDING


Quick Release Hardware

Tired of taking the fairings off? Try our quick release hardware install one time and you will never have to take off another bolt to remove a fairing on your bike. Utilizing our exclusive design you can remove your plastics with a 1/4 of a turn which makes for easy maintenace and cleaning. PATENT PENDING


How to GURU

  1. Fill out the provided form, and in the comments box describe the type of riding you do or want to do, as well as your area and the amount of distance you will travel to buy a bike.
  2. Select the service you want provided
    1. Standard: Recieve a spread sheet comparison of bikes that would best suit your needs
    2. Premium: Recieve a spread sheet of bikes that would best suit your needs and available options in your area
    3. Platnium: 4 Weekly spread sheet updates of the bikes in your area that would suit your riding needs the best
  3. Submit your form to the GURU

Why you should use the GURU:

  • If your new to dirtbiking and have no clue where to start when looking for your first ride
  • You simply don't have time to look for bikes
  • He has helped numerous of people find their current bikes and his customers are beyond satisfied
  • Detailed comparisons of dirtbikes in your area and does all the research so you don't have to

What the GURU has to offer:

If you are new to dirtbiking and don't have an exact idea what you need to start riding and could use some cheap advice. On a purchase that could effect the best hobby ever in which you are about to partake in. Now the GURU can make it even more enjoyable by finding a bike that suits your needs the best. The GURU has helped countless people find bikes and if you have any doubt ask any GURU customer if that was the best bike ever and such an amazing deal. If you can't find the bike you want, let the GURU know and a search will be conducted in Texas and if you want for a small fee and the cost of shipping we will get the bike you desire sent to you. Also check the GURU bikes out every once in awhile there will be a sweet GURU bike for sale and they are very well priced. If you have any questions about maintenance or what your bike needs check out our forum page where you can ask other riders and every once in awhile the GURU chimes in.



  • Fork seal fix
  • Valve Service
  • Oil Change
  • Top End Rebuild
  • Basic Maintenance
  • How To Videos
  • Monthly Ride Events


Blake's Blasphemy

In need of an excuse for your significant other so you can purchase the latest racing product or simply just want to go riding and you don't know how to break it to your life partner... Stay updated with Blake and maybe use some his latest and greatest excuses that get him out of trouble.


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