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How the dirtbike GURU started and where they want to go!



Go here to chat with your dirtbike community, We have an entire blog of ride locations all over the states, so if you know of a great riding place just post it in the correct category and share with the rest of us!!! Check it out

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About Us

In the Beginning:

Dirtbike GURU began by finding friends dirtbikes for great deals and the word slowly started spread that the GURU could find great bikes for great prices. The GURU wanted to find riding areas everywhere, since then a forum was created for riders all over the US to share their local riding spots with riders all over the country in a sense of creating a bigger riding community.

The Growing Years:

We also slowly started offering a variety of dirtbike maintenance because we started hating local dealerships that charge outrageous deals so why not offer great services you can trust for reasonable prices, so don't go spending 300 dollars on a fork seal change that will take 3 days when the GURU will have it done in 1 day for 175. We wanted to offer maintenance on your bike that you can trust not some underqualified employee that has no care for your vehicle, we will treat your bike like one of our own so you can have faith in your bikes reliability.

Where we're going:

The goal is to be getting a 5-axis CNC mill to start manufacturing billet pistons for all kinds of dirtbikes for a reasonable price. We would like to start a total engine rebuild area in our shop from porting to boring, I hope for this to be 5 years in the future but we will see how things go. We plan to start sponsoring amaeture riders and helping them get their foot into the motorcycle racing world.

Team Bio:

personel bio pic GURU: The person that started everything 20 years of riding experience went to school and graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree. Loves riding and everything about it, an absolute amazing dirtbike hunter and can find a deal anywhere. The GURU has a vast knowledge of dirtbikes and the dirtbike community, and created a dirtbike forum to help find ride places everywhere so anyone can enjoy riding. Check the riding locations category in the forum to find the greatest riding areas near you.
personel bio pic Andy: A passionate motorcycle rider that loves riding more than life itself. He follows the motocross racing world religiously and knows all the latest rider issues and loves to give his opinions on why he know's he is right. He is hilarious and this is all in for good fun and if you want to voice your opinions on why you think Andy is wrong feel freet send him an email or leave a comment.
personel bio pic Nic: A passionate internet researcher who can literally find anything on the interweb and has seen an extrodinary amount of content on the great world wid web. Relatively new to the dirtbike community but still an extrodinary rider who has picked up the skills quite quick and impresses us all each ride. Check out his page to check out the coolest video's or pictures, also send him an email and get a chance to post up your pic or video on our page we have new winners each week.
personel bio pic Blake: This guy will do whatever it takes to ride and he doesn't care what it is, he even went riding one day just after a flash flood. Check out his page to view his weekly excuses to go ride dirtbikes and or buy parts. He is also one of our admin's on our community forum so if you have any questions or want to question his blasphemy shoot him an email.




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