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Go here to chat with your dirtbike community, We have an entire blog of ride locations all over the states, so if you know of a great riding place just post it in the correct category and share with the rest of us!!! Check it out

A community for riders everywhere.

Ask The GURU:

demoIf you have any questions related to dirtbiking, feel free to ask our guru

a question on our forums page. If you're new to the dirtbike community

and need a bike ask The GURU, he specializes in finding dirtbikes for

a rider based on his or her needs.

Can't hurt to ask The GURU!!

Ride Events:

Group Ride Events

demoLive in the Texas area? We try to organize group rides once every 6 weeks or so depending on the weather. So check out our services if this is something you would like to take apart in.

Updated: May 1, 2012

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